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Our luxury Prawn Cocktail made by ourselves to our own recipe, and packed in single portions or 150g pots.It is an ideal product to serve on jacket potatoes or serve straight on to a bed of lettuce. It is suitable for any occasion;and ideal to keep in the fridge.We also supply the cocktail sauce in foil ambient sachets .The Prawns are packed frozen in individual portions.This is ideal for the catering establishment that needs to make a cocktail sauce dish instantly-
For retail sale this product is packed in a tub with clear outer packaging giving the product an attractive chiller shelf display
this makes the product ideal for Farmers markets Cash and carry. Supermarkets , Off licences ,Butchers shops and Farm shops. Packed to your requirements.

We have built up a range of foil packed individual portion, ready to eat seafood snacks for
impulse sales.
Seafood snack range:
Carded Cockles ambient Foil packed in vinegar                
Carded Mussels ambient foil packed in vinegar                          
Carded Whelks ambient Foil packed in vinegar
Prawns Foil packed in individual portions Pickled eggs foil packed and ready to eat or bulk                                  
Seafood - Sticks packed with                 
Ocean Tails or pinkies Foil packed with a dip dip

Seafood Stix


Ocean Stix, Crab Stix, Seafood stix, call them what you like.
We prefer seafood stix and I consider myself to be an expert .
I remember crab stix as they were then called in the early eighties, when they were first introduced to this country.
We have in our opinion the best, our price is competitive, our quality superior.
Packed in case sizes to suit you and individually labled depending on point of sale.

Prawn Crackers with a dip


Our prawn crackers are cooked for us and returned to our factory and packed the same day. They are produced to the highest standard possible and packed with a mouth-watering dip .These melt in your mouth luxury prawn crackers are the ideal snack for kids lunch boxes.
This mouthwatering product.Packed at our factory in Cannock with or without a dip. Your brand or ours.

Mini Dip Portions
Our mini dips are available to order.
We can pack in sizes to suit customer requirements and tastes.
Packed in dip pots or pouches
Seafood dipping sauce packed ambient in a pouch
Ideal for restaurants and hotels or catering establishments..

Seafood Sauces


Ideal for prawn or Seafood cocktails
This is a premium product and only recommended if you want the best for your customer. Our product has a taste and texture of its of own . All you need is the seafood and garnish .We can supply the Seafood. You add that special finishing touch. Together it makes a high value product.

Branston pickle
Branston small chunk pickle: We pack these in small individual portions to suit your requirments.

Our sauces are packed in pouches or 2kilo, 5kilo  and 10 kilo Buckets

Marinated Seafood Products
When Murtagh Seafoods was established, we never imagined that our Cockles marinated in vinegar would receive such high acclaim, We have developed our marinated Seafood products and can pack them ambient with 10 week shelf life.

Murtagh's Cockles

We source our cockles on the South coast and marinate them here in the Midlands. Our cockles are fresh or ambient foil packed supplied on cards or display boxes or in 2kilo, 5kilo and 10 kilo buckets and packed to order.
We also marinate Mussels and Whelks in the same sizes.

Savoury Snacks
Scotch Eggs
Pickled Eggs foil packed double packed in two's
Pork Scratchings    
Poppadums & mango dip.

**We have approval to pack Seafood Pork pies.Cheese portions.Scotch eggs.Pickled eggs.Just give us a ring and discuss your requirments. Ready to eat snack meals individualy packed for patries or special occasions s

Please contact to purchase.